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5 Valentine’s jewellery gifts for the love of your life – even if that’s you!

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

If you are not planing a big proposal (or have already been there, done it?) here are 5 Valentine's jewellery gifts for the love of your life. When you search the internet, you will find a lot of contradicting and confusing information about where Valentine’s day originates from. Whether it is a Roman or a Christian tradition, the outcome is the same. Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. Love for another or … love for yourself. Yes, you heard me right. Why not take the 14th of February and celebrate how fabulous you are. Here are 5 Valentine’s day jewellery gifts so you can treat yourself or a special someone.

1. Valentine's jewellery: Honeycomb bee heart necklace

What better way to show your love, than with a heart? The elegant, gold-plated detail honeycomb heart necklace is an expression of everlasting love for an important person in your life. It features delicately detailed craftmanship displaying nature’s most cherished creations of a bee resting on its honeycomb. The necklace is a statement piece, providing an individual look that all women look for when buying jewellery. The gold attributes/ accents are the perfect addition to any outfit and complement an everyday, effortless style. Perfect for loved ones who enjoy being social and going out and about.

2. Valentine's jewellery: Crystal flower necklace

Say it with flowers. But for a change, choose eternal ones that do not require water and will never fade and die. The sterling silver white crystal flower necklace represents strength and beauty in all women and is a symbol of pure charm. The crystal flower necklace portrays individuality in a person and expresses their loveliness. A necklace is a truly classic gift signifying that you plan to keep them around for a while. The crystal flower necklace is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something dainty and simple but romantic. This keep-forever piece is the perfect way to fill you and your loved one with joy. And if you are feeling generous and want to get lucky?! Why not add the crystal flower bracelet, earrings … or even the adjustable ring.

3. Valentine's jewellery: Plant pot necklace and earrings

Here is a gift for your green-fingered Valentine. The plant pot necklace and earrings are designed with gold plated hearts on the pot of a blooming flower. With hearts being a symbol of love, this necklace displays the affection and care you have for your loved one, family, friend or love interest. This quirky little duo will look stunning on anyone and will be appreciated by all garden and plant-loving individuals.

4. Valentine's jewellery: Monstera necklace

In Feng Shui, the Monstera is used to bring happiness or to help manifest big dreams. In Chinese symbolism, the Monstera represents long life and the honouring of elders and respected people. This simple, sterling silver monstera necklace is crafted to be in harmony with any outfit. Its dreamy design and pure details are the perfect gift for valentine’s day and fit for anyone. Despite its simple design, it is a statement piece for any occasion. Feeling generous? Add a gorgeous pair of Monstera earrings and an adjustable ring.

5. Valentine's jewellery: Bamboo necklace

Learn to love yourself and others with the Bamboo necklace with Zircon gemstones. Zircon is one of the oldest crystals on Earth, it is believed to have the ability to increase self-confidence and to aid the wearer in loving oneself as well as others, as it opens the heart and brings compassion. A single leaf, covered with early morning dew droplets made of Zircon stone, gently sits on the stem of this sterling silver bamboo necklace. This exquisite handmade piece will make a statement around yours or that special someone’s neck. The Japanese bamboo necklace looks elegant and graceful.

If you have found your true love and would like to treat them to something special, then these 5 Valentine’s jewellery gifts are a great place to start. If you are single? Then treat yourself! Because if you don’t? Who will?! At least you get something you like!

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