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5 exceptional Christmas gifts for bird lovers

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

It can be difficult to find special gifts for bird lovers so here are some suggestions. Birds are surrounding us in moments we are not even aware of (until they leave a present on your clothes or in your hair). They fly freely above us and many cross countries and continents. There is no stopping them. No wonder some people are encaptured by these colourful creatures. However, bird admirers probably already own the super-duper binoculars, the bird feeders, the fancy birdbath and the books about all the species. This year, why not treat them to one of our 5 exceptional Christmas gifts for bird lovers? Sterling silver handcrafted jewellery pieces in beautiful eco-friendly packaging.

1. Owl jewellery gifts for bird lovers

Owls are mysterious creatures of the night with over 150 different species roaming the Earth with the greatest amount of owl diversity currently in Asia. They are exquisite birds illustrated with round eyes to look out into the world, the most well-known characteristics of an owl, and lose themselves in their curiosity. Our sterling silver stud owl earrings with gold plated details are the most fitting addition to your collection of silver earrings, adding a lot of charm and character to your collection. The petite owl stud earrings are the perfect gift for any owl fanatic due to their attentiveness and intellectual perception of the world.

2. Courting birds jewellery gifts for bird lovers

The sterling silver courting birds jewellery pieces are graceful, displaying your presence as sophisticated and charming. The two dainty gold plated birds represent all wonderful aspects of spring and winter, making it the perfect gift for Christmas as the time approaches and the air around us becomes frigid. These jewellery pieces are effortless to style with any outfit fit for any weather. It is most suitable for those who admire all bird types and is available for any age or person. You can purchase the ring, necklace and bangle individually, or as a bundle.

3. Swallow jewellery gifts for bird lovers

These simplistic, sterling silver bird pieces are delicately detailed. Swallows are symbolic of happiness and love, making a meaningful gift for someone you love. The swallow earrings are petite and idealistic for any age group and make you appear to others as classic and graceful. Swallows are extremely agile in flight and spend most of their time on the wing representing themselves as free-spirited. Their distinctive appearance is what engages us and especially bird lovers as we can easily recognise the blue blacks and red throats they are painted with. The colours representing life and ambience are the perfect gift for anyone in your life who you know is joyous and can easily light up the room.

4. Little sparrow jewellery gifts for bird lovers

Sparrows are believed to symbolise joy and if you are lucky enough to be visited by a sparrow expect protection and an increase in self-worth. Despite its petite size, the sparrow can do wonders. The ‘Queen of the Birds’ earrings is an exceptional piece to add to your or someone else’s jewellery collection as their unique design adds ambience and dainty details provide sincerity. As well as ‘Bird in a Bowler Hat’, this piece is quirky with gold details replicating its female version. Know someone creative? Mix and match the pieces to create a unique look.

5. Hummingbird jewellery gifts for bird lovers

I used to find it rather difficult to buy rings for myself, friends and family as I could never find the right ring size, however, buying adjustable rings is an easy fix to solve that problem. The hummingbird adjustable, sterling silver ring is crafted with a delicate gold plated flower stamen, displaying life and ambition. As the ring moulds to your finger, the sweet bird slowly reaches the flower to retrieve its nectar. The bird jewellery will arrive in a beautiful box of your choice.

Hope you found these 5 exceptional jewellery gifts for bird lovers useful. All of Gaia's packaging is carefully selected from eco-friendly companies that plant a tree every time Gaia places an order. You have now become one step closer to finding the perfect gift. Looking for other animal jewellery? Read about Gaia's other blog Our 5 most popular Christmas gifts for animal lovers or visit our website here to find more sterling silver jewellery gifts.

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