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5 unusual Christmas gift ideas

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

1. The stationery lover

If you have a friend who is crazy about stationary like my friend Carrie, then instead of a highlighter and a notebook, why not treat them to this unusual Christmas gift. The pencil sharpening necklace or earrings come in two different sizes. A full pencil sharpening and a half pencil sharpening. The sterling silver pencil shaving necklace and earrings have an 18k gold plated rim. These quirky little pieces will be admired by all.

Pencil shaving jewellery from £23

2. Something for the tea lover

Ok, so over the years, you have bought them a fancy teapot, teacups, tea from all over the world and even a funky loose tea infuser. Now you have run out of tea ideas.

Guess what? You have just found the perfect gift. Gaia’s charming Amber Teapot Necklace and ring are handcrafted from natural amber with a sterling silver handle, spout and lid. It is paired with two little miniature cups in a chic sterling silver box tray.

As every single Amber Teapot Necklace and ring are handcrafted, each amber stone is in its natural form and every pendant and ring is a unique shape and colour. Therefore you can be sure, that no one else will ever own an identical pendant or ring to yours. You can find out more about amber here.

Miniature Amber Teapot Jewellery from £46

3. The birds and the bees

Well, we all heard about the birds and bees, however, this is not that kind of a gift. These unusual Christmas gift ideas will completely take the recipient by surprise. The cute little birds courting on a branch, or a honeybee resting on honeycomb are just some of Gaia’s little gems. We all know that someone obsessed with bees or someone who knows all the birds and feeds them all through winter. Instead of a bee tea towel or a bird feeder, how about a gift that will represent their love of these creatures and remind them of your generosity and kindness.

Silver bangle with gold birds on tree trunk
Courting Birds Sterling Silver Bangle £46

4. Unusual Christmas gift ideas for the Gardener

For some people, gardening is their life, their sanctuary, their passion. Connecting with nature, plants and the soil can be rather fulfilling. Here are some unusual Christmas gift ideas for the gardener in your life. Whether it’s winter or summer, these quirky jewellery pieces will let them carry a little bit of nature wherever they go. From plant pots to small gardens, the selection is your oyster. You even have a choice of earrings, necklaces, rings or bangles. You will definitely be in the good book of your gardener.

5. Miniature world

Have you ever wondered what the world must have looked like to Alice (in Wonderland) when she swallowed the mushroom and it made her gigantic? Everything was miniature size. The magical world of miniatures at Gaia is a gift that will be admired by all. The delicately carved jewellery pieces show off tiny little pictures of the world. This gift will be appreciated by anyone of any age and will definitely earn you some brownie points this year. If you have completely run out of ideas and haven’t got a clue what to buy for so and so, I am sure you will find these unusual Christmas gift ideas of the miniature world helpful.

Christmas should be time for rejoicing but many people find it stressful. As a result, finding the right gift for that special someone in your life can put pressure on you. So I hope you found these five unusual Christmas gift ideas useful. To find more unusual Christmas gifts, visit my shop Gaia Nature Inspired Jewellery.

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