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Our 5 most popular Christmas gifts for animal lovers at Gaia

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Do you have a friend or family member who is crazy about animals? Or are you, the greatest animal lover? Have you run out of gift ideas? Although you might not be able to treat them to a living and breathing creature, you could treat them to a very special animal-shaped jewellery. If you would like to read about our 5 most popular Christmas gifts for animal lovers, then grab a cuppa, and make yourself comfortable.

Dogs, cats, birds and other animals
'We love all animals' -Gaia-

1. Cat jewellery gifts for animal lovers

I have always cherished the thought of owning a cat. Their petite bodies covered in polished fur, two big mesmerising eyes or how they are digitigrade, navigating the world on their tiptoes. Cats cause humans to produce a love hormone called oxytocin, better known as a ‘cuddle chemical’ which is my most prominent reason as to why I’m drawn to them. There is always a sense of condolence produced from them that is not verbally communicated but a feeling that is felt emotionally. If we are in the nature of cats and adore feline creatures then the ‘little dreamer’ piece is sensational for you. The minimalistic design with dainty, endearing details catches the eye of any feline fanatic.

Silver cat in house necklace with gray rock

2. Bird jewellery gifts for animal lovers

Birds are one of those many living beings who fly high in the sky, yet can be brought down to us by the simplest things like jewellery and for gifts for animal lovers, the ‘courting birds’ necklace is a perfect match. Birds are winsome, coming in all different shapes and sizes, no bird is the same when it comes to its dimensions and hue. The female bird is one who can protect herself, her feathers are dull and act as a barricade to predators. The male bird, although despite its astonishing colours and pigments, its visuals act as a warning. A sign that the predators in surrounding areas should not try to harm nor eat the birds. Our bird jewellery is just the most ideal gift for a fellow bird-watcher.

3. Dragonfly jewellery gifts

A small, delicate creature we fail to take high interest in, yet is recognised as one of the most exquisite insects to roam our world. Did you know dragonflies are born underwater? They live in the dark before rising up to the brightness of the outside world. For those who are nature-loving, enjoy dreams, positive symbols and are heavily in touch with their feminine energy, the dragonfly assists you on your path of discovery, reminding us anything is possible. For those of you who do yoga, holistic therapies and reiki healers, the crystal rings infused with a miniature dragonfly are absolute gifts for animal lovers and those who admire the dainty, memorable creatures of nature.

4. Bee jewellery gifts for animal lovers

Bees are a symbol of prosperity in the wilderness. Fancy a sweet cup of tea in the morning on a cold winters day? Well, these minute life forms are the cause of the freshness that rests on your tongue. They work as one of the most hard-working organisms and the bright yellow it holds visually is what draws us into their way of life. Know someone who’s as busy as a bee? The ‘honey bee range’ is the perfect compliment to show how you perceive them. Always up on their feet, hard-working and determined. It is the most ideal gift for a beekeeper or a bee-lover. Want to know more about bees? Check out my blog, Without Bees will we Be?

5. Rabbit jewellery gift for animal lovers

Who doesn’t love rabbits? Whether is Thumper from Bambi or your own pet bunny. Rabbits are deemed as the sweetest, most friendly little creatures. Have a friend who’s comparable to a rabbit? Someone who is intelligent and highly affectionate. Someone who approaches situations with ease yet can be feisty at times. Then the ‘lady rabbit’ necklace is the direction to take when finding gifts for animal lovers. The piece demonstrates the admiration you have for them or for yourself as the being is viewed as someone friendly, approachable and all around kind-hearted, like a parent rabbit caring for its kittens.

All animals play a huge part in our lives, whether we admire them, co-habit with them or protect them. These jewellery pieces illustrate a connection we have with those animals and the appreciation we deem towards nature. If you know somebody who loves animals you cannot go wrong with exceptional animal jewellery.

I hope you found our 5 most popular gifts for animal lovers helpful. If you would like to see more animal-related jewellery pieces follow this link.

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