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The natural white crystal calla lily ring with an 18k gold plated stigma wraps gently around your finger with its sterling silver stem and is finished off with a beautiful red garnet stone.  White Calla Lillies represent innocence and rebirth.


It is elegant and exquisite craftsmanship of precious metals and crystals.


According to Greek mythology, Zeus brought his son Hercules (his son from another woman) to his wife Hera while she was asleep to drink her milk.


Legend has it that when Hera woke, she pushed the baby away and some of her milk splattered across the sky to create the Milky Way and onto the ground where they grew into Calla (from the Greek word beautiful) Lillies.


The white calla lily is often used as a bridal bouquet for its elegant, gracious look.


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Gaia's quirky sterling silver jewellery is inspired by nature. 

White Calla Lily Ring

PriceFrom £28.00
    • Unique design
    • Handmade with love
    • 18-carat gold plated
    • 925 sterling silver
    • Natural gemstones
    • Packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly box - or choose a special jewellery gift presentation box

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