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8 steps to connecting with your jewellery

There are countless reasons why we buy jewellery such as a special occasion, to jazz up our clothes, to attract the opposite or same-sex. We wear it to be admired, to cheer ourselves up, or because we want to stand out.

Whatever your motivation is, choosing the right jewellery will help you appear even more special and beautiful than you already are.

Here are 8 steps to help you connect with your next remarkable piece of jewellery:

1. Examine the jewellery you already own

Are some alike? Same colour, a changeless style? Do you wear identical ones all the time as the style of jewellery is regular? Find a consistent visual pattern you admire and seek out to obtain jewellery like it.

2. Get ready for a change

Are you ready to spice things up and add something new, something distinct to your collection? Maybe a different colour? Different length? Different style? “Make a habit of trying new things”, acquiring a different jewellery style every so often can help to increase confidence and appreciation for ourselves.

3. Choose your budget

Is it a large investment or a weekly addition to your collection? Whatever your budget, there is something out there for you.

4. Find an interconnection with your new jewellery piece before you buy it.

Ask yourself: Why do you like it? What does it remind you of? How does it make you feel? Are you an animal lover? A gardener? A party girl? You will more likely wear your new jewellery and get your money's worth if you have a special connection to it.

5. Clothes

Think about the clothes you own and what jewellery pieces would it go hand in hand with. You need to understand what goes best with what and consider the occasion, time and event.

6. Get online and view the trends

However, never lose your original style. Try to develop your appearance with jewellery that fits you and makes you feel self-assertive. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to try out trends you see online, you may think a certain design suits you more than others after some research.

Hangers with clothes lady's arms choosing shirt
What's the latest trend?

7. Organise your jewellery

The organisation is key to the perfect outfit and choosing the right jewellery pieces to compliment it. Organising your jewellery can help you find your balance and save time when getting ready. If your jewellery is thrown into a clumped mess, it can be hard to have a visual picture in your mind of what pieces go best with your outfit.

8. Finally ...

Look after your jewellery and enjoy all the compliments you'll receive wearing it. Don't be afraid to embrace your inner uniqueness and show off your new piece. Remember, the best jewellery you can wear is; confidence.

For many of us, jewellery makes us feel dressed, beautiful, and glamorous. Wear yours with pride. For your next jewellery choose something you don't already have in your collection, something affordable, something that will mean something to you. And don't forget, whatever jewellery you wear, you are BEAUTIFUL.

Ready to take on the world with confidence? Head over to Gaia Nature Inspired Jewellery to find your next fabulous jewellery piece.

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09. Juli 2023

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