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4 reasons why adjustable rings are the answer to your swollen fingers or weight loss

Here you will find the answer to why adjustable rings are the answer to your swollen fingers or weight loss. Today I will introduce you to the best thing since sliced bread. Adjustable rings! I know, you’re not convinced, please bear with me. If you ever bought a gorgeous ring but found that for one reason or another it either no longer fits, or fits sometimes, but not others? Then this blog is for you.

1. Hot weather, cold weather

Have you noticed how the size of your fingers can change with the weather? A simple explanation for why your fingers expand and shrink with the change of weather is that your body will try and receive the heat in cold weather, therefore, reducing the flow of blood to your fingers and toes making them shrink. In hot weather it’s the opposite, therefore your fingers will expand.

Rather unhelpful when you are trying to wear your favourite rings (haha), but I suppose staying alive is a bit more important! If however, you don’t like to compromise, there are a huge variety of adjustable rings on the market.

2. Sausage fingers

I love beautiful rings. People say your hands can say a lot about you. Do you know those people with beautiful long fingers and perfect manicures? Well, I’m not one of them! I always had small, sausage fingers. So, I tried to take the attention away from my fingers by wearing unusual, beautiful rings. Whilst they are focusing on my rings, they are not focusing on my man fingers. Yes, I have my father’s hands.

When I set up Gaia Nature Inspired Jewellery I looked for the most unusual rings I could find. This is one of the most beautiful rings ever. The teapot is hand-carved out of Amber. To find out more about Amber, read my previous blog post From soft tree resin to beautiful gemstone: 10 interesting facts I have learned about Amber! (

3. Weight loss

Ok. Truth be told? I haven’t got much experience in this department. I have even ordered Paul McKenna’s hypnotherapy CD ‘I can make you thin’. Well, he hasn’t succeeded yet. Before the dreaded lockdown, I was between sizes 10-12. Now I’m lucky to fit in a 14. I’ve not worn my wedding ring for over a year. It literally does not fit. I’d hate to force it on and be one of those people who have to have their ring cut off. Ouch!

Of course, there are many people out there who willingly or unwillingly lose weight. This can then affect the size of their fingers. And the ring they once cherished and loved? Sadly no longer fits. It’s too loose.

4. The solution ... adjustable rings

I am sure you have worked out the answer to this already. Yes, you guessed it! Adjustable rings are the solution! Whether, the weather is hot, or cold, whether you put weight on or lost it? These fabulous rings will allow you to simply adjust the size of them, and wear them continuously.

Dear reader, thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you found the reason why you should wear adjustable rings useful. To see my selection of gorgeous, unusual, quirky little adjustable rings inspired by mother nature? Just head to my website at Gaia Nature Inspired Jewellery.

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