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From soft tree resin to beautiful gemstone: 10 interesting facts I have learned about Amber!

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

My first piece of amber jewellery was an oval pendant I inherited from my grandmother. It is an antique and has much sentimental value, which I cherish to this day. I have wondered who gave it to her and I always remember her wearing it when I was a young girl.

Soft amber
Soft resin

1. WHAT IS IT? Amber is fossilised tree resin. It is a natural, organic material that has been appreciated for its colour and natural beauty since the stone age. Most Amber is a staggering 30-90 million years old and can sometimes contain insects, organisms and/or plant matter (in fact, the most valuable pieces are those with visible bits in). Did you know that young amber is called copal, but how young is young? The main rule of thumb is that any resins less than 10 million years old are considered to be copal which is a bizarre concept really. How many other things are considered young at millions of years old?

2. Being a natural material, amber (and copal) belongs to a category of gemstones known as the ‘Organic Gems’. Organic Gems are those that were not formed by geological forces, but instead, by those of living organisms. I guess probably the best-known organic gem most of us would think of is a pearl, but there are lesser-known ones too such as Ammolite.

3. Some may argue that true amber is ‘Baltic Amber’ which, as the name would suggest, originates from The Baltic Sea region, which includes Poland, Germany, and Russia. Others fiercely disagree. With incredible quality gems coming from Sicily, the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Dominican Republic, Southern Mexico, Canada and Alaska!.

4. We know that regardless of where it originates, it is gorgeous, fascinating, has many different healing properties, is used in complementary medicines and (of course) makes great jewellery!

5. DID YOU KNOW? Amber is a symbol of luck. Centuries ago, it was found washed up on beaches as it was used as a trade for spices. Sailors would collect as much as they could and burn it on ships to drive away sea serpents and perils of the deep!!

6. It is strongly associated with the zodiac sign Leo which is ruled by the sun, bringing them good luck, however, it also benefits all other star signs in different ways. For example: for Aries, it brings courage, and enhances creativity in a Taurus, it will give Gemini vitality, for Cancer it will contribute to the growth of self-esteem, and increases confidence in a Libra, it will help Scorpios with negative emotions, a Sagittarius with their career, Capricorn with strength, it will give Aquarius optimism and Pieces good health.

Yellow Amber Teapot with two silver cups inside silver box frame
Yellow Amber Teapot Necklace


Amber is well known for its energy and healing properties. It actually stimulates the body’s own system to heal itself, absorbing negative energy and turning it into positive energy. This is why is it so widely and diversely used, and is always in the ‘tool kit’ of those who practise alternative medicine. Not only is it used to help with physical ailments such as rheumatism, throat and chest problems, kidney and joint pain to name but a few, but it is also widely used to help with alleviating depression, anxiety, addictions, grief and stress.

8. I know people who use it to remove toxicity from life and/or relationships, boosting vitality and empowerment and being a gem that is connected with the sun, it helps with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

9. So, to remove a negative mood, for example, rub the amber until it warms up and it then releases an uplifting current of energy. Hold or keep it close, it will work better if it is touching the skin.


It has been portrayed as ‘Drops of the Sun’, and ‘Sunlight Solidified’, so there is no surprise that it is placed or held on the solar plexus during meditation. It helps with exploring past lives and clearing old patterns and karmic issues. Amber does have a relatively heavy and powerful vibration, yet when you come out of meditation, it is usual that your mind will feel clear, you will have a sharpened short-term memory, and have a feeling of stronger self-belief.

If you use amber to purify or cleanse your space, you can place pieces of amber in different parts of your house or your office.

I hope you found the ten facts I have learned about amber useful. This wonderfully versatile gemstone is one of many nature's incredible creations. One thing I have learned about gemstones is, that they are all unique and due to their origin and pattern you will most likely always own a unique piece.

Gaia Nature Inspired Jewellery store has some quirky pieces with gorgeous amber, one of our most popular pieces at the moment is our teapot collection, but other pieces are and will be available – why not visit the shop today to find your special amber jewellery pieces and other gemstones for a gift or for yourself.

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