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5 interesting facts about Beryl

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

In this new blog, I will introduce you to 5 interesting facts about Beryl. Beryl is not a crystal I was familiar with and it was great fun learning about this fab little gem.

1. Physical

The first interesting fact about Beryl is that Beryl is beneficial to the organs of elimination. The pulmonary and circulatory systems are strengthened. It will improve toxin and pollution resistance. It is used to treat the liver, heart, stomach, and spine. It also helps with concussions. Gargling with beryl crystal water can help with throat infections. After a long period of healing and emotional release work, Beryl soothes. It is beneficial to females throughout menopause. I think I might have to wear one on each finger and a few around my neck.

2. Mental

Beryl can aid with anxiousness and emotional outbursts brought by too much stress (I'm definitely wearing one from now on. Day and night). It helps you overcome feelings of apathy or a lack of motivation in life.

It boosts courage, reduces stress, and soothes the mind. Beryl's capacity to filter out distractions and prevent overstimulation contributes to a more optimistic outlook on life. It helps you avoid being overpowered by worry by reducing the need to over-analyse things. Beryl helps you rediscover your love for yourself and your relationship. This stone helps to balance long-term shifts and energy expansions by calming and aligning the emotional body.

It promotes feelings of safety and self-assurance. It encourages thoughtfulness and a steady yet determined progression in carrying out your ideas.

Beryl only teaches you how to accomplish what you need to do at that particular moment and location. It's an excellent stone for coping with stress and allowing you to let go of undesirable emotional baggage. Brings your astral body onto the physical plane and heals it. Beryl helps healers recover from burnout and nurtures exhausted elderly souls.

Whit meditating Buddha with candles
Meditating Buddha

3. Chakras

You may be hostile and violent toward others if your base chakra is out of balance. You can reduce the symptoms of ADHD or ADD by holding this stone in your hand. It will lessen the drive to be possessive, crave constant thrill, or manipulate others.

Use this stone to become more aware of your prior lives' abilities and to alleviate undesirable fears.

It will improve the function of your lower limbs and pelvis while also balancing your circulatory and reproductive systems.

If your solar plexus chakra is out of harmony, you may be judgmental of others, a bully, and always change-oriented. You may also believe that your accomplishments go unnoticed or that learning new duties is tough.

If your heart chakra is out of harmony, you may experience outbursts of wrath, jealousy or blaming others for your problems. You may require frequent reassurance of your self-worth, or you may feel unloved or lack sympathy for others.

With this stone in hand, you can achieve homeostasis by connecting the lower chakras to the upper chakras. It will strengthen your natural healing powers and develop compassion for yourself and others.

It will aid in the optimal functioning of the immune system as a whole. It keeps the heart and circulatory system in good shape. When placed on the heart chakra, this stone promotes tissue regeneration.

You may be hyperactive, domineering, or obsessive about your political or religious beliefs if the throat chakra is out of harmony. You may also be resistant to change in general and hesitant to respond to tasks and realistic time demands.

You will improve your clairaudience powers and manifest riches with this stone in your hands. This stone stimulates and directs your creative powers when placed on the throat chakra. It will assist you in speaking and living your true self.

This stone will aid in the improvement and maintenance of your throat, oesophagus, mouth, teeth, and respiratory system's health.

Crystals of various colour

4. Birthstone

Other interesting facts about Beryl are that it is not only the December guardian angel birthstone, the June special apostle birth jewel, but also the Cancer astral birthstone. Beryl represents "the good of charity and faith or the spiritual love of truth," according to Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish physicist, mystic, and naturalist who lived in the 18th century.

Some colour variants of beryl are more well-known and popular than the stone itself. Blue beryl is known as aquamarine, and green beryl is known as emerald. Depending on whether the rock is closer to golden yellow or yellow-green, it is termed golden beryl or heliodor. Goshenite is a colourless form of this gem, and morganite is a pink variety of beryl that is often referred to as "pink emerald." Red beryl is not just the rarest of all beryls, but also one of the world's rarest and most valuable gemstones.

5. Cleansing and origin

Allowing your crystals to be exposed to sunshine and moonlight for 30 minutes will not only cleanse but also charge them. Some crystals may discolour if they are exposed to too much sunlight, although this will only happen if they are exposed to the sun for an extended period of time.

The sun emits healing energy that is beneficial to the soul. The sun's energy is well received by crystals. Moonlight is softer but no less strong. Both the Sun and the Moon have powerful cleaning properties for crystals.

Beryl is commonly found in granites and granitic pegmatites, although it can also be found in metamorphic rocks, limestone veins, and marble cavities. Norway, Austria, Germany, Sweden (particularly morganite), Ireland, and Russia are all rich in beryl, as are Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, the United States, and Zambia.

I hope you enjoyed learning these 5 interesting facts about beryl. This beautiful little crystal can be found in our gorgeous songbird ring, so you can have it on you all the time. If you would like to see all our other jewellery with gemstones, please visit Gaia shop here.

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