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5 interesting facts about Amazonite healing crystal

If you are looking for a healing crystal to help your emotional and physical health, then amazonite is for you. I have gathered '5 interesting facts about Amazonite healing crystal' and will also show you some lovely jewellery pieces so you can keep your crystals on you at all times.

1. Amazonite healing crystal – healing properties

Amazonite is an extraordinary crystal in that it maintains good health. It relieves muscle soreness, healing after illnesses and any other physical issues. Emotionally, amazonite is wonderful in healing the mind. It aids in soothing past trauma and directs anger and overwhelming emotions into something more positive, urging the mind to seek emotional balance. The crystal also has a huge effect on the nervous system as the nervous system controls our emotions greatly and resets the mind from an emotional or overpowering situation.

Amazonite healing crystal also improves confidence, enhancing the ability to communicate easily with others, the crystal also helps with setting appropriate boundaries, increasing self-discipline and establishing healthy relationships with others.

Lady meditating on rocks
Healing the body and mind

2. Amazonite healing crystal – its origin

Amazonite comes in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes, from opaque green to translucent turquoise. The crystal is renamed after the Amazon River in Brazil because of its beautiful green colours, it’s visual is reminiscent of the South American Rainforest, its green jungles and clear waters. The gemstone has been used since many years ago by the Pharos in ancient Egypt as pearl necklaces and has been found in the tombs of previous ancient rulers. The crystal is known to appear in many places around the world such as China, Mongolia, South Africa, Libya and the United States.

3. Amazonite healing crystal - Chakra

The properties of Amazonite may vary with different colours. The greener variations of Amazonite are associated with the heart Chakra aiding in personal integrity and balance. A deeper blue is associated with the third eye, a term used to describe out of body experiences and the ability to observe chakras and aura, where they enhance intuition and release negative energy from the body. A bluish colour is associated with the throat chakra, promoting good communication with others, confidence and creative expressions making this gemstone suitable for anyone who struggles facing public speaking or getting ideas across to others.

If you place an Amazonite gemstone over your heart or in the hollow of your neck then lie down in a relaxing spot, it can quickly unblock or realign the Heart or Throat Chakras.

4. Amazonite healing crystal - cleaning

When approaching cleansing and care to Amazonite be aware of what to avoid as the gemstone is sensitive to chemicals, heat and acids. Never use hot water but instead, room temperature tap water and mild soap. This should be done at least twice a month and when charging the crystal, it is best to use the morning sun.

To clear and cleanse Amazonite, be sure to let it run under lukewarm water and then gently pat dry. In order to change its healing properties, place the crystal under the sunlight and let nature do its work.

5. Amazonite healing crystal – star sign and other

Despite Amazonite not being a traditional birthstone, some authors believe that the crystals suit those born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, Virgo and Scorpio. Others believe Amazonite is a gemstone specifically designated to the Virgo star sign.

Did you know the colour of Amazonite was a mystery for many, many years? Some assumed that the colour is due to copper compounds as they often have green and blue colours. However, later studies show that the green-blue colour it obtains is the result of quantities of lead and water in the feldspar.

Although there is a lot of in-depth information out there about Amazonite, I hope you found these simple 5 interesting facts about Amazonite healing crystal useful. If you have decided to purchase Amazonite to help with your physical or emotional health, wearing it as a jewellery piece is one of the best options as it is always on your body. To find some gorgeous Amazonite jewellery pieces please visit my website here.

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