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5 Easy to Follow Summer Jewellery Tips

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Welcome to the 5 easy to follow summer jewellery tips. Here you will read about the best jewellery in hot weather, how to care for your jewellery, how to style with jewellery in the summer and must-have pieces.

1 | Keep it Minimal

Summer is not the time to be wearing lots of heavy jewellery. The weather is hot, humid, and the last thing you want is to be wearing big chunky necklaces, bangles on your sweaty body and stacked up rings on your swollen fingers. Keep it simple, light and minimalistic. Go for some eccentric, show stopper pieces that will not only stand out but be adored by everyone.

2 | Are You Looking After Your Jewellery?

Jewellery can endure a lot of damage without you even realising it. Remove jewellery before bathing, showering or swimming as water and chemicals (especially chlorine) can affect the longevity of the gold plate or encourage silver to tarnish. Extreme temperatures and strong UV rays can cause jewellery, especially plated, to fade in colour and lose its original beauty, whilst sand can damage its surface. Here is Gaia's complete guide to caring for your sterling silver jewellery.

3 | Why Wear Adjustable Rings in the Summer?

In the summer your fingers might naturally swell from the heat. If you are wearing your non-adjustable ring or stacking lots of rings, you might find it rather uncomfortable to wear and remove. Adjustable rings are not only comfortable to wear but allow you to modify the band as your fingers get puffier. Choosing an astonishing adjustable ring could be this summer's talk of that party.

4 | Styling With Jewellery

Whether you are wearing casual, smart, dressed up or just chilling at home, jewellery will always finish any clothes with a style. Show off the neckline of your beautiful summer dress with a breathtaking necklace. Pinup your hair and pop in some summer vibe earrings. Summer 2021 is all about floral and aesthetics.

5 | Be confident

Confidence is key. We live in a society that judges for everything and anything. "If you are too slim, you are not eating enough, if you are curvy, you are selling out, if you are fit and healthy, you are vain!" Let's forget all the haters this summer and concentrate on building self-esteem and self-love. So go, find your favourite outfit, pop in a pair of killer earrings or even a gorgeous set, and let them talk about your fabulous jewellery for a change.

Thank you for taking the time to read our 5 easy to follow summer jewellery tips. Whether you are going to a BBQ, a wedding or just a day trip out, don't forget to keep it minimalistic, clean your jewellery, wear adjustable rings if you can, be stylish and most of all, be confident. Embrace who you are and enjoy your summer. Check out our unique and quirky nature-inspired sterling silver jewellery here.

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