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The delicately crafted little hummingbird ring has the little bird on one end of the sterling silver fully adjustable ring. It is gently sipping sweet delicious nectar from the flower with gold plated stamen on the opposite side of the ring. 


As the hummingbird ring curves around your finger, it allows the little bird to get closer to the flower. Whether you are a casual dresser or prefer your evening gown, this ring will certainly be admired by all. 


Hummingbirds are native to the Americas. There are over 360 species and most measure between 7.5 to 13cm (3-5 inches). However, the smallest hummingbird measures only 5cm (2 inches) and the largest 23cm (9.1 inches). Most hummingbird species are found in the tropics. 


Gaia's quirky sterling silver jewellery is inspired by nature. 

Hummingbird Ring

PriceFrom £28.00
    • Unique design
    • Handmade with love
    • Adjustable sterling silver ring
    • 925 sterling silver
    • 18-carat gold plated
    • Packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly box - or choose a special jewellery gift presentation box

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